Since 1993

OSA - Supplier of Automotive Exhaust Components

OSA Manufactures Stainless Steel tubing from various ferritic grades of steel: 409, 439, 436, 429, 430, and 18CrCb.

Other material could be available depending on requirements such as 300 Series Stainless and Titanium.

We are known for precision tolerances of outer cases for such products as catalytic converters and sub-mufflers. OSA is also known for our Quality and Service - We believe in Usability for our Customers.

OSA has both lathe type and rotary head cutters to cut to length for your specific requirement. Our Cutting Department can cut product between 89 mm (3.5") up to 500 mm (19.7"). We have various end finishes to fit your needs as well. Our Tube Mill Department  can cut pipe most anywhere between 1524 mm (5 ft) up to 6,400 mm (21 ft).

Our manufacturing process is such that our products can withstand severe secondary processing such as spin down operations. The malleability / formability of our weld zone lends our products to perform well in pipe bending processes as well.

OSA's focus is on large diameters and thin walled tubing, but we also are capable of some laser etching and laser cutting of tube and plate.

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